Hey Yous Guys

Friday? My house? Beer? Poker? Movies? Just hangin out? Go'n out to play pool? Whatever you guys wanna do. My treat :>) I'll even make food...hell, I'll take requests. Lemme know.
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i know at the last meeting i can remember we talked about tatoos. i would like to get another tatoo that reminds me of my brothers that have helped me out along the way.

any suggestions and anyone else want to also?

Hey dudes:

Meeting tonight. 7:30 pm, 511 N. Monroe St. BYOB if you intend to drink, because I'm broke. Top Chef at 10 if anyone wants to stick around for that.

Come one come all.

Possible topics: holidays with the family, plans for the new year, interacting with the queer scene, sex.

Peace Corps

Hey i Stephan

i couldn't get any information about the Peace Corps. THe guy i know is unwilling to talk about the process or his experience.

i will get some infor and research it if you like, let me know.

just from vague conversations and such i beleive he had to have surgery to qualify as male and be apart of the program.

sorry for the false hope :(

topics and stuff

Who's coming out this week? This Wednesday, my house (511 N. Monroe), 7:30 pm.

It would be very cool if everyone who sees this would try and think of a topic they'd like to talk about this week. Last week it got very surgery-detail oriented. That's cool once in a while, but those of us who aren't currently engaged in the surgery process can get kind of bored with it. So if anyone has questions or new info they want to share, that would be awesome. And hell, if we get too bogged down, we can always just talk about sex.

So throw in a topic!

- Hank


Hey guys-

I just wanted to thank you all for welcoming me to the last meeting. To be honest, I was both nervous and excited about it and you all did an excellent job of making me feel comfortable. I'm away for winter break, but I'll be back in early January and can hopefully come to more meetings. Once again, thank you all very much for your hospitality and support.

Happy Holidays,

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