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Tau Gamma Beta

Transition, Growth, Booze

Trans Guy Brotherhood
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Tau Gamma Beta (Trans Guy Brotherhood): Just some Tallahassee trans dudes sitting around talking crap, swapping stories, and dealing with life as men. We sometimes meet for pool and beer, but mostly just to talk about shit.

We're a fairly mixed bag for such a small group. Different classes, races, ages, political viewpoints, sexualities, and stages of transition. As long as you can be respectful of others, you're welcome to come along. You should note that we're focused on transsexual men and don't touch much on specifically genderqueer issues.

If you are in the area and might like to hang out, catch up with us. If you have questions, drop us a line at taugammabeta@yahoo.com. We also have a mailing list at http://groups.yahoo.com/group/taugammabeta/ where events and updates get posted.

This is a local ftm group, but if you are within easy driving distance of Tally and looking for guys to get up with, feel free to join up.